IMUN Discovery Tour

Japan (Tokyo & Kyoto)

March 20th-26th, 2024

Discovery Tour

Not all classrooms have four walls! Join us for a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and explore in the heart of Japan

About the Tour

The IMUN Discovery Tour is your chance to gather with like-minded individuals, fostering connections and learning from real leaders. Gain valuable skills in entrepreneurship, academics, and leadership, all while exchanging cultures with participants from around the globe. Explore heritage sites, cultural landmarks, top-level companies, and elite university campuses. Secure your slot for this enriching experience at just $179, covering registration fees and service charges.

Facilities Provided

  • Guided Tour: Immerse yourself in a guided exploration with the dedicated IMUN Team available 24/7.
  • Walking Tour: Discover the destination on foot, embracing the local culture and landmarks.
  • Meals:Participants cover individual meal expenses for culinary flexibility.
  • Accommodation: Stay with the IMUN Team in the same hotel, with assistance in finding cost-sharing roommates.
  • Airport Assistance: Count on our team for a smooth arrival and departure process.
  • Visa Assistance: Receive comprehensive support for visa application processes.
  • Participant Requests:We're committed to addressing specific participant requests for a personalized experience.
  • Transportation: .Participants cover transportation fees, with the option to divide costs for a more economical travel experience.

Tokyo Highlights

  • United Nations University: Explore global issue discussions at the United Nations University Headquarters.
  • Diplomatic and Embassy District: Gain insights into international relations with a tour of Tokyo's diplomatic hub.
  • Cultural Exchange in Asakusa:Immerse yourself in traditional Japanese arts and crafts in Asakusa.
  • Tokyo International Forum: Attend conferences and cultural events at the iconic Tokyo International Forum.
  • Shibuya Crossing and Youth Culture: Experience the vibrancy of Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo's dynamic youth culture.
  • Global Business Hub Tour: Understand Japan's economic role in the global context with a tour of Tokyo's business district.

Kyoto Highlights

  • Kyoto International Conference Center: Engage in activities at the Kyoto International Conference Center.
  • Historical Kyoto Tour: Explore Kyoto's historic sites, gardens, and traditional tea houses.
  • Gion District and Geisha Culture:Experience the traditional culture of the Gion district, known for its geisha traditions.
  • Environmental Initiatives: Discuss Kyoto's commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Japanese Cultural Workshops: Participate in workshops on tea ceremonies, ikebana, and calligraphy.
  • Kiyomizu-dera and Fushimi Inari Shrine: Visit iconic landmarks with historical and cultural significance.
  • Local School Interaction: Foster cultural exchange with visits to local schools in Kyoto.
  • Kyoto International Manga Museum: Explore the influence of Japanese pop culture globally.


The provided itinerary is for reference and subject to change based on logistical considerations and participant preferences. The final itinerary will be shared one week before the tour. For specific requests or concerns, please contact the organizing team.

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Perks of IMUN Discovery Tour

Networking & International Exposure
University Campus Tour
Company Visits
Heritage City Tour
Cultural Show

Why join us?

Get Internationally Certified

Get certified and recognized by one of the top international organizations in the world and easily share these with people on LinkedIn, resume and university applications.

Educational Tour

Visit top universities in the world and get a live experience of the campus, students, teachers and your surroundings.

Make Friends for Life

This is a chance to build connections and form long-lasting relationships with people with similar interests and goals. These connections can be valuable in the future, leading to new job opportunities or business partnerships.

Cultural Exchange

The Camp will provide a unique opportunity for people to learn about different cultures and ways of life. Get exposed to new ideas and perspectives to help one develop a more global outlook.

Networking for future

Make valuable connections, leading to new job opportunities or business partnerships. Attending the Camp will provide an excellent opportunity for people to meet and interact with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Become the leaders of tomorrow

A structured environment to learn from experienced leaders and participate in activities that help them develop their leadership abilities beneficial for pursuing leadership roles in the future.

Improve future career

Meet global leaders and experts to improve your future career opportunities. Understand how to effectively achieve your goal by setting up the right connections.

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