IMUN Memberships

Enter a delegate, Exit a diplomat.


The MUN world is more than a simulation; it's a preparation for the world stage. IMUN Memberships is an elite club of delegates intent on becoming the best version of themselves for a post-pandemic society. Spanning four weeks, the programme gives you access to FOUR IMUN online conferences, limited-time training and study guides, exclusive sessions with the crème de la crème of the MUN world, career-building events, first access to new launches and more

Why should you get IMUN Memberships?

Post 2020, the rules of the world have changed. Governments are focusing more on achieving Mission 2030: zero poverty and no hunger. It's no longer enough to simply get an educational degree; rather it is important to showcase examples of community work, team-building and leadership. IMUN helps turn a novice into an expert in these fields through the course of 4 weeks.

Experienced MUN delegates also benefit with an IMUN Membership. Exclusive tete-a-tetes with industry experts, rubbing shoulders with senior MUNners help provide an insider view into the job market and can help launch careers.

Why is IMUN Memberships beneficial for you?

If you are a student looking to learn a new skill or an experienced delegate looking to add an extra feather to your MUN hat, IMUN Memberships is made for you. It is everything MUN, condensed into an intensive 4-week programme that will teach you skills important for the world at large.


IMUN Membership certificate
E-visiting Card
Limited edition MUN 101 training
Exclusive Study guides
Career Counselling
Offers on IMUN offline conferences


International Recognition

Receive certificates recognised by the United Nations & Australian Embassy. These certificates can be displayed on CVs, higher study applications & LinkedIn profiles.

Attending FOUR IMUN Online Events

Attend four online IMUN Conferences and be guided to submit and present position papers.

Online MUN Training & Study Material

Get intensive online training that covers the A-Zs of MUN, study guides, position paper presentation, resolutions & more.

Networking with Experts

Meet industry experts and the who's who of the MUN world in seminars, as they help map career aspirations.

Global Reach

Be part of an elite international fraternity of more than 60,000 delegates from 140 countries.

Opening Ceremony

Attend a welcome ceremony to meet new members, and know the programme plan for the next four weeks.

Participation fee

$23 only


The price of two IMUN Online Conferences + $1