Bring The International MUN To Your Campus

On Campus

The IMUN On-Campus Program gives you an opportunity to host an IMUN event at your university. The program allows more delegates to participate in International Model United Nations conferences around the world, leading to more exchange of ideas and ultimately more leaders, ready to make positive impacts.

The IMUN On-Campus Program inspires to expand the International MUN community into university campuses where more students consolidate to learn more about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. We need your support to allow us to bring these visions into reality and it would be a golden opportunity to discuss pressing global issues together and to search for resolutions in response to them.


An IMUN On-Campus Program will span between 3 to 4 days maximum and the campus facilities that are required to host an IMUN On-Campus Program are:
- Seminar room or Auditorium for opening and closing ceremony, briefing, awards ceremony etc
- Rooms for committee sessions with multimedia and speaker systems.
- Accommodation (if possible) for international participants, guests and IMUN executive team.

International MUN will fund the IMUN On-Campus Program as per the availability of funds from the participants and third-party sponsorships.

IMUN On-Campus is a global program run by the International Model United Nations with full time, dedicated staff in place to support Campus Directors and their committees.

A minimum of 100 participants must participate in the IMUN On-Campus Program at your university, for it to be considered official. Exceptions may be made but must be pre-approved. A full list of IMUN On-Campus Program host universities will be published later.

Tool-kits will be provided to Campus Directors which includes digital marketing materials, suggested operating manuals, chairs and student recruiting aides.

Successful Campus Directors will qualify for incentives, which include a free trip to an IMUN Conference (All costs paid)

IMUN On-Campus Programs will be evaluated based on three criteria :
- Number of delegates participated
- Types and number of Chairs / Executive Board / Guests recruited.
- Media publicity of your IMUN On-Campus Program.