IMUN Olympiads 33.0

Test your knowledge of the world.
July 5th to 7th 2024


IMUN Olympiads is the next level in international competitive exams. In a post-pandemic society, the world has grown smaller. Events in one part of the world affect business in another. Issues like pandemic, refugee crises and people's movements have far-reaching consequences.

Knowledge of international relations, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and the means to communicate them is useful in demonstrating empathy, inclusion and informed decision making. IMUN Olympiads help test your knowledge and showcase improvement areas so you can stand out in this new economy.

Choose from the following topics:

Olympiad 01:
UN Trivia
Olympiad 02:
SDG & Climate Change
Olympiad 03:
Olympiad 04:
Olympiad 05:
Olympiad 06:

Why should you get IMUN Olympiads?

If you like a challenge and are ready for international exposure, IMUN Olympiads is for you. This is a true international test. Participants appear for a test LIVE on Zoom and answer a 100 questions in 90 minutes. Fair, equal, transparent - it doesn't get any easier than this.

Every participant gets recognised by the United Nations, IMUN and the Australian Embassy. Top performers get special recognition and letters of recommendation.

Why are IMUN Olympiads beneficial for you?

If you have taken olympiads before, get ready to take your achievement to the next level. If you have never taken an olympiad before, we urge you to take this as it will test and score your skills internationally.


100 questions in 90 minutes
LIVE on Zoom
International Exam
Certificates of Excellence
Letters of Recommendation
Recognition on Social Media


International Recognition

Get recognised on social media and by the United Nations, IMUN and the Australian Embassy

Letters of Recommendation

Top performers get special awards and letters of recommendation that help highlight their achievements

Convenient LIVE Exams

Fixed exam dates, conducted LIVE on Zoom with thousands of participants from around the world

Advanced Syllabus

Predetermined syllabus helps streamline study and enables you to choose from UN Trivia, English and SDG & Climate Change.

Global Reach

Be part of an elite international fraternity of more than 60,000 delegates from 140 countries.

Participation Fee

Participation fee depends on the number of topics: USD 6 or 499 INR for 1 topic, USD 9 or 699 INR for 2 topics and USD 12 or 899 INR for 3 topics