IMUN: Where Your Voice Can Change the World
IMUN: Where Your Voice Can Change the World
Nov 15 2018
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International Model United Nations (IMUN) has taken a commendable step in providing a platform to the young generation to express their thoughts about the most contentious issues facing this planet. It is the youth who are the drivers of the economy, polity, governance, society, culture, and administration of a nation. In today’s date, when the world is facing grave issues like terrorism on a large scale and when climate change has reached unprecedented levels, it becomes imperative to give a voice to the young generation to come forth and take appropriate action.

If we really want to see the world change for the better, we have to empower the nations’ youth. They have the potential, strength, and will to make this world a better place to live in. Otherwise, the youth, which comprises the most important strength of a nation will become its liability. In order to prevent such a situation, nations should do whatever they can in their capacity to empower their youth. Various nations should join hands to come together for this purpose. It is in this interest that IMUN has chosen to be an echo of the voices of the youth to change the world.

As M. K. Gandhi quoted, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, the importance of the youth’s actions cannot be emphasized more. A platform like the IMUN does not only offer them the opportunity to discuss and debate about various issues facing the world today but also give them a new perspective of understanding the global problems. The opinions of people from various parts of the world are deemed to vary and when they are expressed and debated in one platform, it becomes a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom.

An experience offered by the IMUN would enable the delegates to achieve a new level of academic understanding. Besides building long-standing friendships with people from all around the globe, it also helps in expanding their network. When this happens, the youth of a nation learn to solve problems by joining hands together with other nations. At a time when the discussions about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 Agenda is at its peak, nations are required to take suitable measures towards these goals. And the time cannot be riper than now for the youth to take charge and lead in achieving a more sustainable world by meeting the SDGs.

IMUN enables the youth to try and understand the differences around them so they can find the commonalities that exist within them. This is the very essence of diplomacy which forms an important pillar of international relations. A better understanding of international relations would enable the youth to combat the fear and hate that the world faces today. Besides, it helps them in reevaluating the pillars and institutions of the contemporary international community. It develops skills of cultural competence which plays a significant role in establishing mutual trusts with the diplomats (delegates) of other nations.